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Picking a design

Choose a design that you like, you have to live with it for the rest of your life. Discuss size & color with your artist to achieve the look you want.

Placement of design

Give the location of your tattoo considerable thought. It’s there forever. If your concerns are for the sensation & level of discomfort involved, your artist should be happy to discuss these aspects with you.

Choice of artist

This subject is probably the most personal of all aspects of receiving a tattoo. If you’re considering a tattoo, find the artist that fulfills your needs as an artist as well as sterilization procedures & professionalism.

Paying the price

This is a trade in which you should see examples of artist’s work & question there qualifications, experience & sterilization procedures, keeping in mind that you paying for a professional service.

Tattoo Safety Advice

With the advent of many infectious diseases, some fatal, it has become necessary to institute certain isolation & sterilization procedures in the tattoo process to assure the public of a safe tattoo, the following advice has been prepared by professional tattooists working with local & national health authorities:

  • Always insist that you see your tattooist remove a new needle & tube set-up from a sealed medical envelope immediately prior to your tattoo.
  • Be certain you see your tattooist pour new ink supply into a new disposable container.
  • Make sure your artist puts on a new pair of disposable gloves before setting up tubes, needles & ink supplies.
  • Satisfy yourself that the shop furnishings & tattooist are clean & orderly in appearance; much like a medical facility.
  • Feel free to question the tattooist as to any of sterilizing procedures & isolation techniques.
  • Take time to observe them at work & do not hesitate to inquire about their experience & qualifications in the tattoo field. If the tattooist is a qualified professional, they will have no problem complying with the above standards. If the tattoo studio does not appear up to these standards or if they become evasive when questioned, seek out a professional tattooist.

Health Requirements

Our studio has certain requirements before tattooing you, please note that all our client sign an indemnity form before starting the tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tattoos Safe?

Yes, as long as you go to a reputable artist/studio 

that are following all the recommended health and safety precautions.

Does it hurt?

Yes I does but, everyone has a different tolerance to pain. 

Some have compared it to a "hot scratching feeling" others as "annoying". 

Can I use some kind of numbing cream?

These kinds of products are really not recommended, as they are not always successful.

How much is it going to cost?

The cost of the tattoo is based on what design you choose, 

were you would like it tattooed and how long it will take.

A quotation is usually done either by contacting the studio or one of our artists.

Should I tip my tattoo artist?

Tipping is usually done on an informal bases.

What should I get? And where?

This is all a matter of personal taste. 

You can get whatever you want, and whatever your artist is willing to do. 

You can choose any of the pictures we have available, or we can create a custom piece just for you. 

Where you get the tattoo is up to you.

You might want to consider placing your tattoo where it can be easily covered up with normal clothing.

What is the best time of year to get a tattoo?

Although you can get a tattoo any time of the year, 

your skin gets a lot more exposure during the summer by being exposed to the elements more often. 

Other seasons of the year seem to be more gracious to a healing tattoo.

Is it okay to get a tattoo if I am sick?

Getting a tattoo when your immune system is compromised is not recommended. 

If you have an existing appointment we suggest rescheduling for when you are healthy.

Can I go swimming or get my tattoo wet?

Soaking or swimming is not recommended for after the tattoo has fully healed, 

but cleaning the tattoo during the healing process is essential.

Is it okay to sunbathe or use a tanning bed when you have tattoos?

Yes, but always apply a high factor sunblock, 30SPF or higher. 

Excessive UV exposure is bad for your tattoos.

I just got a new tattoo, when can I shave the area again?

Resuming shaving is only recommended for after the tattoo has fully healed. 

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